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E510Magazine F(Korea) -共9期 2021年03期 ****5 EGG
ISBN条码: 9791160361308
Publisher出版社: Baemin & Magazine B
Language版别: 期刊Magazine
Category分类: 期刊杂志Magazine
Pub Date出版日期: 2020-7-15



Publisher Baemin, Magazine B | 170 X 240mm, 152 pages

About the Publication

Magazine F is a food documentary magazine co-created by Magazine B and Baemin, which introduces

one particular ingredient that has had a significant impact on people’s table. Baemin

has become a critical mover and shaker in South Korean contemporary food culture, and B

provides a balanced view on brands through multi-layered stories. This collaboration brings together these two areas of expertise in F

, which is hoped to become a record of essential ingredients and food culture of our time.

About the Publishers


Baemin is a food-tech company, founded in June 2010, by owner Bongjin

Kim. With over 3 billion downloads, it is considered Korea’s number one delivery app that leads the food delivery industry under the mission of “Good Food Wherever You Want”. It now plans to expand its multi food-tech company in creating unique businesses like BaeminRiders, Baemin-Chan, and Baemin-Sanghwe.

Magazine B

Magazine B

is an ad-free monthly publication that dedicates each issue to one well-balanced brand unearthed from around the globe. The magazine introduces the brand’s hidden stories, as well as its sensibility and culture, and is an easy but also serious read for anyone with an interest in brands.

About the Issue

Eggs, a food ingredient strongly associated with chickens, are laid by poultry like ducks and turkeys. A fundamental and versatile foodstuff, a single chicken egg is an ideal source of protein with high biological values (BV) reaching up to 100. Eggs appeal to everyone, and anyone from novice home cooks to professional chefs enjoy boiling, frying, whisking, and even incorporating the raw ingredient into endless culinary creations. They star in ubiquitous Western brunch dishes like eggs Benedict, croque madame

, and scrambled eggs, and they shine in classic Asian steamed eggs and rolled omelets. Without a doubt, eggs are a staple across the globe. Now the conversation has turned to animal welfare, sparking a remarkable rise in free-range, organic eggs and egg alternatives as a substitute for animal protein.


2 Intro

8 Letter from F

12 On the Farm

Prominent farms committed to animal welfare

18 Farmhouse Rules

Meet three people who farm and live rustic, pastoral lifestyles

38 Guide to Eggs

Varieties and characteristics of eggs, basic storage methods, and recipes

44 Academic Manual

History, simple recipes, and other facts about this perfect food staple and global mainstay

60 F Cut

Egg cartons as the new indicator of a farm’s environment and poultry-keeping practices

68 Morning Habits

Seeing the popularity of eggs measured by social media foodies and breakfast posts

72 Interview

72 Walter Manzke

Owner-chef of Republic wakes up LA with its uniquely Californian pep and top-quality ingredients

76 Mamoru Sugiyama

Fourth-generation and current owner-chef of Ginza Sushiko Honten serves up traditional sushi

82 The Egg Spot

Creative egg recipes found in urban hubs seeking healthy, trendy cuisine

106 One Good Meal

Eggs energize these tables for four all day

114 Interview

114 Bill Granger

Opening the Bills café in Sydney in 1993, the founder of Bill Granger & Company is credited with putting Australian breakfast on the world map

120 Delis & Shops

Birthplaces of accessible and masterful everyday cuisine

132 Industry

Platforms tracking changes in culinary cultures

136 Tools

Smart tools used to cook eggs

138 Into the Market

A list of egg products by category

142 Cookbooks

Culinary experts reveal secrets to brighten up any table

150 Dictionary

151 Index

6 – Image of Eggs at Kitchen

12 – On The Farm

20 – Farmhouse Rules / Alice Roca

38 – Guide To Eggs

52 – Academic Manual

74 – Interview / Walter Manzke

88 – The Egg Spot / Zawa, Coffee & Tamago Kake Gohan

108 – One Good Meal / Becky Okell

 122 – Delis & Shops / Node Uehara

132 – Industry