ENJOY YOUR STAY-Branding for Hospitality


ISBN / 978-988-13834-7-1
Publisher / SendPoints
Binding / Hardcover
Trim size / 200x270mm
Pages / 256
Cover Price / USD50 HKD325 GBP34.95 EUR39.9
Language / English

As there are more and more choices of entertainment, peoples requirements of the qualities of relaxing brands improve, which in turn influence the life styles of people. Brand identity, as a vital marketing strategy, plays an important role in attracting potential customers.
Enjoy your Stay-Branding for Hospitality is the sequel to the best sellers—Communicating Fashion Brand and Delicious Branding. This book focuses on branding for hospitality, presenting excellent brand identity designs of relaxing brands along with their interior design, including hotel, resort, theatre, cinema, spa, golf course and etc. Enjoy your Stay- Branding for Hospitality offers illuminating insights into branding for hospitality, unveiling the stories behind.

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