Just my type






TRIM SIZE:225 x 295mm



Just My Type

It is the 4th time that we talked about font design since the first issue of the magazine. And I got different experience every time. During the preparation of this issue, I’ve attended a class held by a master of book design in China-Mr. Jingren Lv. The feeling back to study is like a plane lands safely, which is full of enrichment and happiness. I would like to entend my sincerest thankfulness to the 11 teachers I met during the study. They are Mr. Jingren Lv, Mr. Nobuo Nakagaki, Mr. Shin Akiyama, Mr. Xiaoxiang Liu and Mr. Linqing Yang and so on. They made me feel more awe at the design of books and realize a more profound meaning of publishing. Mr. Nakagaki said in the class, “Whether it is a book or a publication, if there is useless information printed, it’s no pity for their disappearance.” And Mr. Akiyama said, “It is a designer's attitude that makes what people think of design itself.” I hope we will be able to do better in time. What's interesting in the study is that this is my first systematic study of font design. Great thanks to Mr. Xiaoxiang Liu and Linqing Yang for their guidance. It is better to say that this is more a truly meaningful research than a wonderful journey. I really expect that there’s still time for us to understand font design. What is even more interesting about this journey is that, I have brought a gift to everyone. That is part of Mr. Xiaoxiang Liu's book From a character to a book: Chinese Typography , which has been published in the magazine. This is another wonder I gained from font design. Hope you all like it!

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